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Product Spotlight: Garden Carrot Hand Cream

Product Spotlight: Garden Carrot Hand Cream
Spring has arrived, which can mean long days spent with your hands in the dirt. Exposure to moisture, dirt and the unavoidable cut or splinter can leave hands feeling dry and rough. We designed our Garden Carrot Hand Cream to keep hands hydrated and soft even under the toughest conditions.
Image of Garden Carrot Hand Cream production.
Garden Carrot Hand Cream is formulated with an ultra moisturizing base of Organic Coconut Oil, cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil and Pacific Northwest Beeswax infused with healing Yarrow, strengthening Gotu Kola and purifying Calendula. Enhanced with precious essential oils of Carrot, Rose Geranium and Lemon Peel to restore and hydrate damaged skin. Garden Carrot Hand Cream's aroma is rich and earthy with floral and slightly sweet undertones - a subtle scent that will please gardeners and mechanics alike.
Image of Garden Carrot Hand Cream
Massage sparingly into clean, dry hands to soothe and hydrate hard-working skin. Perfect for those who work with their hands, or anyone looking for a luxurious, earthy hand cream. Use this "dry" salve sparingly and it will leave skin feeling soft without excess oil. An ideal all natural lotion alternative, keep a jar near the sink to hydrate and soften hands after washing.
You don't have to sacrifice soft hands for productivity. With a little care, you can make it through the garden season with healthy, happy skin!

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The Summer Garden at Wild Rose

Summer is here in Southern Oregon and our permaculture gardens are exploding with fresh food and herbs! We grow all of our own Calendula and Yarrow in our annual veggie gardens because they are wonderful allies for our food crops. They attract beneficial insects, improve flavor and keep the soil healthy. 

This is a first year garden on our new homestead. We established this garden using the lasagna...

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