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Product Spotlight: Roseberry Lip Tint

Product Spotlight: Roseberry Lip Tint

In honor of our first rose bloom of the year, we're taking a close at our favorite warm-weather lip color: Roseberry Lip Tint!

Roseberry Lip Tint is naturally colored with Alkanet, Elderberry and Rosehip for a sheer reddish-pink reminiscent of rose petal jam. Sweet Organic Strawberry and softly floral Rose extracts give this lip tint a deliciously feminine flavor. This light color is ideal for a natural Summer look and can be used as a cheek stain as well! 

Image of Roseberry Lip Tint - No Cap

Made with a rich base of deeply hydrating Coconut Oil, softening Mango Butter and nourishing Rose Hip Seed Oil, these balms provide lasting moisture without being sticky or waxy. We never use micas, making our products safe for sensitive skin and entirely free of heavy metals and toxic additives.

Image of pink rose blooming

Each of our lip tints have been carefully formulated to provide real color without the use of any synthetic ingredients or additives. By experimenting with colorful herbs and naturally-sourced clays, we have developed eight different lip tints in a range of colors.

Roseberry is one of lightest shades making it perfect for everyday wear during the active Summer months. Keep this lip tint with you for lasting moisture and natural color through all your adventures!

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Summer Scents: Cove Beard Care

Cove Beard Wash

Our four classic Beard Conditioner scents -  The Original, Raven, Tundra and Cove - were formulated with the seasons in mind. As Summer looms, we take a closer look at our favorite warm-weather scent, Cove.

Cove Beard Conditioner

Covecaptures the sweet and refreshing flavors of Summer. We start with a base of tart and juicy cold-pressed lime essential oil. We source our oil from certified organic lime growers who then...

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Product Spotlight: Elderberry Lip Balm

Elderberry Lip Balm

Late Summer brings us ripe elderberries for jams, medicine and.. lip balm! Our Elderberry Lip Balm is infused with wildcrafted Elderflower and Elderberry. We use locally made Organic Elderberry Extract for a genuine, sun-ripened Elderberry flavor. Foragers, rejoice!

The soft berry color of this lip balm is achieved by infusing organic elderberries in coconut oil. This beautiful shade actually...

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Clear Summer Skin with Wild Rose's Clarity Line

Wild Rose Clarity Skin Care for Blemish Prone Skin

For those of us with oily or blemish-prone skin, keeping skin clear through the Summer can be tricky - particularly during these hot, dry spells! Rising temperatures can increase oil production and sweat, which in turn requires a more intensive cleaning regimen. But, extra washing combined with the dry air can leave skin parched, causing oil glands to work overtime. Thus, more washing, and the...

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