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Botanical Winter Hair Care from Plant Family and Nylon

Botanical Winter Hair Care from Plant Family and Nylon
The fine folks at Nylon recently asked Plant Family to share our favorite Winter hair care recipes for their blog! We're so pleased to collaborate with so many wonderful makers on the article - including Aquarian Soul, Irish Roots Botanics, Wooden Spoon Herbs, Ritual Botanica and Wild Honey Apothecary. Head on over to Nylon's blog to view all six herbal recipes. We wanted to share our own recipe for a Botanical Salt Spray with you here as well:

Botanical Salt Spray Recipe

Salt sprays not only add texture for luscious beach-day locks, this mineral-rich formula also strengthens and nourishes all types of hair. We use Pink Himalayan Salt because it contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, plus it’s thought to be one of the purest salts available. You can customize your salt spray with different essential oils blends to suite your hair color and type.
  • 4oz Water
  • 1 tsp (.25oz) Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 30-40 drops Essential Oils (see blends below)
  • Coffee Filter
  • Spray Bottle (fine mist sprayer if possible)
Essential Oil Blends:
For Light Hair:
  • 15 drops Lavender
  • 10 drops Lemon
  • 5 drops German Chamomile
This blend clarifies and enhances highlights, especially when exposed to sunlight
For Dark Hair:
  • 15 drops Lavender
  • 10 drops Carrot
  • 10 drops Rosemary
Rosemary is traditionally used to promote growth, darken and strengthen hair.
For Dry Hair:
  • 10 drops Carrot
  • 10 drops Lavender
  • 10 drops Carrot 
This nourishing and strengthening essential oil blend replenishes dry hair. Be sure to use your spray very lightly as the salt itself can be a bit drying.
For Oily Hair:
  • 10 drops Peppermint
  • 10 drops Lavender
  • 10 drops Pink Grapefruit
A but of citrus in this blend helps control oil production and adds a sweet, uplifting scent. 
Add Pink Himalayan Salt to water and dissolve by stirring, shaking in a jar or mixing in a blender. Once dissolved, strain through a coffee filter to remove any chunks that will clog your spray bottle. After straining, fill your spray bottle and add your essential oils. Cap tightly and shake well.
To Use:
Shake well before each use. After washing, close eyes and spray lightly onto damp or dry hair. Scrunch hair a bit to disperse the spray and add a little volume.

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Product Spotlight: Yule Beard Oil Conditioner

Product Spotlight: Yule Beard Oil Conditioner
Evergreens smell amazing. Particularly when they're fresh. So, one would think that an evergreen essential oil would smell exceptionally amazing. Unfortunately, many evergreen essential oils smell very different from their fresh form and are sometimes downright acrid. The difference is like the scent of a fresh cut tree verses the stench of old pine needles caught in the vacuum cleaner. How can something so good turn so bad?
This can be a huge dilemma for the aromatherapist. Can you capture the best of a plant's smell without having too much of a good thing? We set out to answer this question when formulating Yule - our popular Limited Edition Beard Oil blend.
Yule is the festive scent of an ancient conifer forest blended to pine perfection. We took the highest quality organic and wildcrafted evergreen essential oils to bring you the best, most balanced pine tree scent you will ever find. This blend of Spruce, Cedar, Juniper and Ho Wood is not too pungent or acidic, just mellow and refreshing like a live Christmas tree in your living room.
Beard Oil Sampler Christmas Wild Man
The joyous scent of Yule is suspended in a highly absorbent, moisturizing and lightweight grapeseed oil blend ideal for the daily maintenance of the skin and beard. This concentrated leave-in conditioner is designed to hydrate skin, soften facial hair and reduce itching/irritation. We know that Yule will be right under your nose, so we keep the scent mild without overwhelming the senses.
Yule can be found in full-size 50ml bottles and is also part of our Limited Edition Sampler Set. These special scents are only available from September-February, so grab a bottle while you can!

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12 Gifts for Him: 2016 Shop Small Holiday Gift Guide

12 Gifts for Him: 2016 Shop Small Holiday Gift Guide
Having trouble deciding what to get for the men in your life? We've collected 12 man-gifts from our favorite small, handcrafted and ethical businesses. All items are available for purchase online, so you can shop small from anywhere!
Handmade waxed canvas pouch
Medium pouch perfect for pens, pencils, cell phone, small journals, lip balm, &c. The waxed canvas will likely outlast your lifetime, but breaks in, looking cozy quickly.
Dark Cycle Hat
Dark Cycle designs and prints and a rad line of bike-themed apparel and housewares for the dudes in your life. This hat features their wheel and arrows logo on a wool blend snapback cap.
Handmade leather wallet
Beautifully molded to fit in your jeans or bag, The Longshore wallet is designed to hold between two to six cards with room for notes on the reverse. Cards and cash can be accessed easily with a no-nonsense design that gently nods at the traditional Bi-Fold wallet style.  
Gourmet Salt Sampler Set
Choose from nearly 30 varieties of Gourmet Sea Salt, including natural, infused, blended and smoked salts. Use them for finishing, grilling, marinating or for snacks (gourmet popcorn!)
Handmade bowtie
Minute Papillons pretied bow ties are made for people who want the style of a bow tie without the trouble of trying to tie it. Most of them can be worn as much with a suit for a formal look than with a pair of jean to add a touch of class to you casual look.
Handmade sunglasses recycled skateboard
The Black/Green/Red/Blue/Natural All Wood Sunglasses are made from 7-ply maple skateboard wood. These sunglasses are unique, druable, and hand sanded to perfection with a water resistant seal.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Metal Punk Handmade
This handprinted design features badass reindeer skeltons, snowflakes and evergreen foliage. Fennec Design Co. uses non-toxic inks and sweatshop-free garments for all of their original designs.
Bike bandana handmade

This is a stylish, bike-themed specimen of humankind's most useful tool: the bandana. A monochromatic hand-drawn image of Walnut's beautiful poster by Jim Golden, this 22" square bandana shows the bike front and center.

messenger bag arrows handprinted

Arrows Messenger Laptop Bag - $56.00 from Black Lantern Studios

This vintage styled messenger features a padded laptop compartment and plenty of pockets for books and accessories! Hand printed with Black Lantern's rustic arrow illustration.


Large Mixed Wood Cutting Board - $49.00 by Foodiebords

These handmade cutting boards feature a mix of cherry, walnut and ambrosia maple wood. Each cutting board is uniquely crafted from Kentucky woods and finished with mineral oil and beeswax.


Organic Cotton Hoodie with Bamboo Buttons - $93.00 from Field Day

Made from 100% organic cotton, this hoodie features a giant hood with lining to keep  the cold out. Big pockets for holding all your nuts and bolts. Bamboo button closure for looking good and secure, contrast elbow patch detail.  Brass made in America separating Zipper.  

Beard Oil Sampler Christmas

Wild Man Beard Oil Holiday Sampler - $12.49 from Wild Rose

 This sampler is always a best-seller around the holidays. Featuring four festive scents for the bearded man, these oils will keep his beard growing thick, soft and clean. A great small gift for a friend or stocking stuffer!

Want to view more of our favorite gifts for him? Check out our board on Pinterest!


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Good Karma Sale + Fundraiser for KS Wild!

Good Karma Sale + Fundraiser for KS Wild!

It's time once again for the Good Karma Sale! Save 15% off your entire order using code KARMA2016 at checkout plus 10% of all sales through Monday will be donated to the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center. We're honored to participate in the Good Karma movement initiated by The Wild Unknown as an alternative to the typical Black Friday / Cyber Monday craze.

The Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center is an advocate for the forests, wildlife and waters of the Klamath and Rogue River Basins of southwest Oregon and northwest California. They use environmental law, science, collaboration, education and grassroots organizing to defend healthy ecosystems and help build sustainable communities. 

KS Wild has been fighting hard to stop nickle mining, logging, habitat destruction and even a proposed LNG pipeline that would threaten all of Southern Oregon. They strive to protect our precious ecosystems and we're so glad to help support their work!

Get your holiday shopping done and help a great cause by participating in our Good Karma Sale through Monday, 11/28!

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Winter Beard Care: Beyond No-Shave November

Winter Beard Care: Beyond No-Shave November

Whether you're considering extending your first No-Shave November to 2017, or your facial hair is older than your first-born child, Winter weather can be hard on your beard. But, with a little extra attention and help from Wild Man, your Winter beard can be the envy of Santa Claus himself!

Vintage Santa Claus

The secret to a healthy beard is maintaining healthy skin beneath the beard. Healthy skin requires washing with a beard and facial cleanser to remove dirt, bacteria and dead skin.

Beard Wash Soap Wild Man - The Nihilist Unscented

Our Wild Man Beard Wash is an all-natural, highly concentrated liquid soap formulated especially for the beard and face. This rosemary-rich formula gently cleanses and softens the beard, removes flaky skin and unclogs pores to promote thick and healthy beard growth. Our unique therapeutic grade essential oil blends naturally condition hair and act as an aromatherapy aid with a subtle, beard-appropriate scent. Use just a few drops to lather a wet beard down to the roots for best results.

Those with oily skin - characterized by a shiny, thick beard and tendency to break out - will benefit greatly from using the Beard Wash alone. This will help regulate your skin's oil production for less breakouts and softer, lighter-feeling beard. Some use Beard Wash daily, others a few times per week.

Many beard-growers need a little extra moisture, especially during the Winter months. After washing, we suggest using our Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner to hydrate and protect the skin and beard.

Beard Oil Conditioner Wild Man - Yule

Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner is a highly absorbent, moisturizing and lightweight oil ideal for the daily maintenance of the skin and beard. This concentrated leave-in conditioner is designed to hydrate skin, soften facial hair and reduce itching/irritation. Formulated with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and botanical extracts in a variety of beard-friendly scents.

Beard Conditioner can be used after washing or throughout the day. Start with just a few drops and massage down to the roots of your beard. Use more as needed depending on beard length and skin type.

Finally, for those with particularly dry skin - characterized by an unruly, wiry beard and itchy, flaky skin - our Wild Man Beard Cream provides the extra care your beard needs. This product is especially recommended for those living in very dry or cold climates (Hi Midwesterners!).

Beard Cream Balm Conditioner Wild Man - The Original

Wild Man Beard Cream is a deep-conditioning beard balm ideal for moisturizing and softening the driest, scratchiest beards. This long-lasting beard balm deeply moisturizes, softens and allows for light styling/shaping of the beard. Beard Cream is best used after washing or at night. It can be used alone or with Beard Conditioner depending on your moisturizing needs. As always, we suggest applying both Beard Cream and beard Conditioner to a fully dry beard. This allows for maximum absorption and prevents bacteria growth that can lead to breakouts.

Beard Grooming Gift Set Wild Man

Again, start with just a small amount of Beard Cream and massage down to the roots. Use more as needed. Wild Man products are designed to be versatile depending on your beard's needs. Do what feels right for you and your beard!

Winter beard care doesn't have to be a struggle. With a little extra attention and the right products, your beard will thrive despite the weather.


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