Wild Man Valentine's Beard Grooming Gift Set

Wild Man
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Wild Man Valentine's Beard Grooming Gift Set
We've dressed up our most popular Wild Man gift set with special edition gift wrap just for Valentine's Day! This set contains our two most popular Wild Man beard care essentials - Beard Conditioner Oil and Beard Wash - wrapped in 100% recycled plaid tissue paper and snugly tucked inside a hand-stamped gift box. Leave us a message at checkout if you'd like us to include a gift note with your order. 
Wild Man Beard Conditioner and Beard Wash are designed to work together for a naturally soft, thick and clean beard. This best-selling gift set is an ideal introduction to natural beard care. Also a favorite for any Wild Man fan! Each highly concentrated product will last the average user 3-4 months, plenty of time to develop a unique beard care routine.
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All Natural - GMO Free - Vegan - Cruelty Free
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This gift set is offered in eight different scents, plus an unscented version. The scent you select will determine the scent of every product. If you would like to mix and match different scents, please leave us a note at checkout. Choose from one of the following options:

THE ORIGINAL: Woodsy, herbaceous and slightly sweet, without overpowering your senses. Our first, and still our most popular choice. The Original Gift Set contains the following products:
The Original Beard Conditioner 30ml // 1oz
The Original Beard Wash 60ml // 2oz

RAVEN: Reminiscent of the damp and diverse forests found in the Pacific Northwest. It's earthy, woodsy and cool with a subtle spice that is hard to place. Raven Gift Set contains the following products:
Raven Beard Conditioner 30ml // 1oz
Raven Beard Wash 60ml // 2oz

TUNDRA: A cooling blend of Oregon-grown Peppermint and refreshing Lemon mellowed with exotic and warm Peru Balsam. Tundra Gift Set contains the following products:
Tundra Beard Conditioner 30ml // 1oz
Tundra Beard Wash 60ml // 2oz

COVE: Sweet cold-pressed Lime toned down with grounding Sage and spiked with Tea Tree. Fresh, yet relaxing. Cove Gift Set contains the following products:
Cove Beard Conditioner 30ml // 1oz
Cove Beard Wash 60ml // 2oz

THE NIHILIST: Totally unscented, nothingness at its best! If you're buying for someone with notoriously sensitive skin or sense of smell, we recommend this unscented option. The Nihilist Gift Set contains the following products:
The Nihilist Beard Conditioner 30ml // 1oz
The Nihilist Beard Wash 60ml // 2oz

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Wild Man Beard Wash is very concentrated - use just a few drops to lather up a damp beard. Larger beards may require slightly more product to get a good lather. Massage down to the base of the beard, gently scrubbing skin. Rinse well and dry thoroughly before applying Wild Man Beard Conditioner. This product can be used twice a week to every day depending on hair/skin type. A dry beard will require less washing, an oily beard will require more.

After thoroughly drying, massage a few drops of Wild Man Beard Conditioner into the beard to moisturize dry skin and soften rough hair. Applying to a dry beard maximizes absorption and softening power of this leave-in conditioning oil. Perfect for any form of facial hair from stubbly beard beginnings to knee-length face beast. Start with just 3-4 drops of Beard Conditioner and increase depending on beard length and skin type. Can be used throughout the day and in between washing. A dry beard will require more Beard Conditioner, an oily beard will require less.

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All Wild Rose products are extremely concentrated. With recommended use, this set will last the average-sized beard 3-4 months or more. Offering pure, undiluted products not only saves you on shipping, but it also keeps excess waste and packaging out of the landfill.


You will receive the following products in your selected scent:

  • The Original Beard Conditioner 30ml // 1oz

Please view individual products for complete ingredients.

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For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.