Refresh Stimulating Facial Mask

Summer can be harsh on skin. High temperatures and hot air can really disturb the moisture balance of the face and it can be difficult to control once the cycle starts. If your normally well-behaved skin starts acting out with excessive oil, breakouts and redness during the heat, our Refresh Stimulating Facial Mask may be your key to happy Summer skin.

Refresh is a rejuvenating blend of toxin-drawing French Green clay, stimulating Gunpowder Green Tea and gently exfoliating organic Jasmine Petals. This dynamic base draws out excess dirt and oils, gently exfoliates to remove dry patches and stimulates skin to maintain that healthy Summer glow (sans oily redness).

Refresh is enhanced with organic essential oils of Peppermint, Lemon, Pacific Northwest Lavender and Carrot. This unique blend will invigorate tired skin and fill your bathroom with an energizing therapeutic aroma. Your skin will be left feeling cool, revitalized and ready for Summer fun!

This is a dry powder mask that you mix at home. This eliminates the need for nasty preservatives, allows you to mix the mask to your desired consistency and gives you at least double the product! In a small dish, combine 1 tsp mask with 1 tsp water. This will activate the essential oils, filling the air with a rich, botanical aroma. Apply to face and let dry for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water, gently rubbing to exfoliate. Use as needed depending on skin type, at least once a week.

Refresh may be irritating to some individuals so it is not recommended for those with very sensitive skin. As with any new product, use on an inconspicuous patch of skin to test for reactions before normal use.

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