Cove Beard Wash

Our four classic Beard Conditioner scents -  The Original, Raven, Tundra and Cove - were formulated with the seasons in mind. As Summer looms, we take a closer look at our favorite warm-weather scent, Cove.

Cove Beard Conditioner

Cove captures the sweet and refreshing flavors of Summer. We start with a base of tart and juicy cold-pressed lime essential oil. We source our oil from certified organic lime growers who then press the lime peels to extract this magnificent, green oil. There is absolutely no heat applied during this process, so the freshness of the lime flavor is left fully intact. Lime is an optimistic and joyful scent, perfect for your Summer adventures.

Cove Beard Cream

Lime is an amazing scent all on its own, but it really shines with a complex pairing. A bit of earthy, grounding sage essential oil is included to help balance the bright scent of lime. Sage is a stimulating and thought-provoking scent that harnesses lime's positivity for fruitful mental work.  We finish Cove by adding just a bit of refreshing and cool tea tree. Tea tree is a powerful essential oil used to cleanse and purify the body and mind. Tea tree offers clarity with a fresh undertone, though it is very subtle in the overall blend.

Cove is available in Beard Conditioner, Beard Wash and Beard Cream. We like to pair it with Limeade or Piña Colada Lip Balm for full Summer flavor.

Cove Beard Care Gift Set

Cove is predominantly sweet lime accompanied by grounding sage and purifying tea tree. The perfect blend for Summer; Cove inspires us to use the optimism of the season wisely.

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