Introducing Wild Rose's Artisan Bath Salts!


One of Wild Rose's earliest offerings was a clay and essential oil-infused bath salt. After selling out during one particularly busy holiday season, we vowed to bring back our popular bath salts with upgraded ingredients and a more diverse range. We're happy to announce that our new artisanal bath salts are finally here! Available now in the following handcrafted blends:

Solstice Bath Salts
Solstice Purifying Bath is a balanced blend designed to gently detoxify, purify and rejuvenate the body, leaving your skin soft and radiant.

Raven Soothing Bath Salts

Raven Soothing Bath is a calming blend designed to detoxify the body and ease the mind.  

Cocoamint Refreshing Bath Salts

Cocoamint Refreshing Bath is an invigorating blend designed to nurture tired muscles and refresh the mind.

Orchard Peach Nourishing Bath Salts

Orchard Peach Nourishing Bath captures the sweetness of Summer in a comforting bath to enjoy year-round.

Passion Romantic Bath Salts

Passion Romantic Bath is an enchanting blend designed to promote relaxation and bliss for the body and mind.

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