New Moon Menstrual Massage Balm with Roman Chamomile and Sage – Wild Rose


New Moon Menstrual Massage

Introducing New Moon - a soothing botanical balm for menstrual massage. New Moon is formulated with an herbaceous blend of Sweet Marjoram, Cypress and Sage spiced with Fresh Ginger Root to stimulate circulation and add warmth. We finish with mellow Roman Chamomile and a little Rose Geranium, ideal for easing tense muscles. New Moon's comforting aroma is a soft floral / herbal mix with very subtle spice.

New Moon contains essential oils that are not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Massage sparingly into the lower back and abdomen as needed to ease menstrual discomfort. We recommend using this massage balm in combination with a heat pad for best results. Can also be used to massage any stiff or sore muscles, especially the neck and back.

New Moon Menstrual Massage

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