Gingermint Muscle Rub

When I started making herbals salves and balms back in 2006, a Cayenne-based muscle rub was one of my first creations. While several ingredients have ultimately changed to improve consistency and effectiveness, the herbal backbone of Gingermint Muscle Rub has remained: Cayenne, Burdock and Gingko.

Cayenne is one of nature's most effective circulatory stimulants, making it a staple for an invigorating muscle rub. Any hot-sauce lover knows that the burn of Cayenne gets the blood pumping. When applied to sore muscles and joints, this means quick relief for stiffness and inflammation that you can feel.

While Cayenne has an immediately noticeable affect, Burdock works deep within the body to purify the blood and stimulate lymphatic movement. Combining these two herbs creates lasting relief.

Cayenne and Burdock are enhanced by Gingko Biloba, an antioxidant-rich leaf that improves circulation in the skin specifically. This helps increase this balm's range of effectiveness while gently decreasing inflammation. Interestingly, Gingko is the oldest living species on earth. The leaf contains unique compounds not found in any other plant. Surely we have much to gain by incorporating this ancient herb into our routines.

These herbs are steeped in highly absorbent Organic Coconut Oil for a smooth balm with a non-greasy feel. We use a bit of Pacific Northwest Beeswax for a stiffer consistency, and a dab of Organic Rosehip Seed Oil to nourish the skin. Just before pouring, this balm's signature ingredients are added: Cooling Oregon-Grown Peppermint and invigorating Ginger Root essential oils. Gingermint's aroma is spicy, cool and subtly sweet. Sure to please those looking for a strong, naturally aromatic muscle rub!

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