New Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner Scents! – Wild Rose

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After much experimentation, we bring you three brand new Wild Man Beard Conditioner scents!

Raven: Reminiscent of the damp and diverse forests found in the Pacific Northwest. It's earthy, woodsy and cool with a subtle spice that is hard to place.

Tundra: A cooling blend of Oregon-grown Peppermint and refreshing Lemon mellowed with exotic and warm Peru Balsam.

Cove: Sweet cold-pressed Lime toned down with grounding Sage and spiked with Tea Tree. Fresh, yet relaxing.

Raven, Tundra and Cove will join The Original in our permanent beard oil offerings. All of our scents are carefully crafted from the finest organic and wildcrafted essential oils. We're pleased to add these scents to our line-up!

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