Image of WIld Rose Coupon 'HAPPYHAPPY5' for 25% off

Wild Rose is turning 5! Celebrate with 25% off your entire purchase using code HAPPYHAPPY5 at checkout through March 7th. Plus, enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders over $100 - no coupon code necessary!

Wild Rose has gone far in the past five years, and we're excited to see what the next five will bring! We are incredibly grateful for the support of our customers and are thankful for the opportunity to create ethically handcrafted botanical skincare. To read more on our beginnings, check out our full story.

Wild Rose is our response to an economy where the ecological, political and social costs of manufacturing are veiled. The founder of Wild Rose, Ash, spends much of her time tracking down raw materials, packaging and even office supplies to their source. This minimizes or eliminates the social, environmental and ethical footprint of our products by choosing sources that are non-GMO, sustainably harvested, organic or fair trade. We grow many of the fresh botanicals needed for our recipes just outside the workshop in our organic permaculture gardens.

Image of Plum Tree in Bloom at Wild Rose HQ
Our homestead's plum tree always blooms around the Wild Rose anniversary.
We believe that our customers share our values and strive to find new ways to exceed our ethical standards. We're currently working to source more organic ingredients and eliminate as much plastic as possible from our packaging. We look forward to improving these standards in the years to come.

To all of our customers and fans, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thanks for your continued support of Wild Rose!

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