Introducing Wild Rose's Botanical Dry Shampoo
We're thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Wild Rose product line: Botanical Dry Shampoo! Available in six scents, five of which you know and love from other Wild Rose product lines plus a brand new scent, Flora!
Like all of our products, we carefully formulated our dry shampoo with much trial and error over the years to develop the best possible blend for your hair. Organic rice starch powder and naturally sourced kaolin clay combine to absorb excess oil and add volume for a clean, weightless look every day. Fortified with silica-rich bamboo powder, organic matcha and handcrafted rosemary extract to stimulate growth and strengthen your strands. Our dry shampoo is free of harmful chemicals and unnecessary propellants that damage your hair and the planet.
Dry Shampoo shown with cap off revealing a shaker-style applicator entirely made of biodegradable paper. Dried herb surround.
Our Dry Shampoo is packaged in a sturdy, fully biodegradable paper shaker tube. This is the first product we are releasing with our new label design on 100% paper labels. Compost the entire package at home, label included!
Flora Dry Shampoo in a biodegradable paper tube with dried clary sage, pressed viola flowers and sage leaves surrounding.
Our newest addition to the Wild Rose scent family is Flora: a fresh and gentle blend of organic sweet violet extract, cold pressed bergamot and a touch of earthy clary sage. This refreshing aroma will subtly linger on your hair as a light perfume. Flora will be appearing in other product lines in the coming months.
Busia in her 20's dressed in formal wear with leaded glass window behind her.
"Don't wash every day, you'll wear out your hair!" This advice was passed down from my Busia (great grandma, shown above), to my mom, to me. I always ignored these words, thinking that my skin and scalp were simply "too oily" to skip a wash day. I didn't realize that all of that washing was causing my scalp to produce excess oil while drying out my skin. Dry shampoo has helped me skip washing days, gradually extending time between shampooings.
I now use at least a little dry shampoo daily, rinse my hair with plain water while showering and wash my hair with a natural shampoo about once a week. This has left my hair thicker, shinier, more voluminous and has entirely cleared any signs of dandruff. Matrilineal knowledge is right once again!

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