New Seasonal Products + Ditching Plastic Bottles
After much consideration, we've finally made the switch to all glass bottles! This has been a long anticipated change: the timing with our busy season always seemed off. I couldn't stand to wait another season, so all glass bottles are here! We will still be selling the remainder of our Wild Man Beard Wash in plastic bottles over the next few weeks, so if you prefer plastic, grab them now!
Wild Man Beard Wash will now be packaged in an amber glass bottle with treatment pump, just like our facial cleansers. The treatment pump dispenses a small amount of wash at a time to reduce waste. These pumps are also much less prone to clogging compared to our previous pop-up tops. These glass bottles are quite sturdy, but care should be taken when using in and around the shower to prevent drops/breakage.
 Wild Man Beard Wash - Windfall
In addition to all glass, we have updated our Wild Man labels and are now printing on biodegradable label stock. These labels are made from a super rad material that is composed of crushed rocks. It's water and oil proof without the use of plastic. We love these new labels!
And lastly, after many requests, we have expanded our seasonal Wild Man line to include all products and sizes! That means you can now get a 1oz bottle of Yule Beard Oil paired with Windfall Beard Cream and a Dark Roast Beard Wash. Whatever combo you want, you can get it!
We're so thrilled to share these improvements and hope to continue making progress reducing waste and excessive packaging. In 2019, we plan to phase out our plastic lip balm tubes.
We hope you enjoy our new packaging and new products. We're so grateful for our customers and welcome any feedback or requests you may have.

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