Product Spotlight: Bloom Gentle Arnica Muscle Rub
Seasonal changes can be hard on your body. As we transition into Spring (or Fall in the Southern Hemisphere) our activity levels often change due to new workout habits, extra physical labor around the yard and home or simply nicer weather to enjoy the outdoors. Combined with erratic weather patterns, body aches and pains can seem to come out of nowhere. Our favorite remedy for relieving muscle and joint pain is Arnica in the form of our Bloom Gentle Muscle Rub.
Bloom combines potent Arnica and soothing Rose infused in hydrating Organic Coconut Oil and Pacific Northwest Beeswax for maximum absorption. Enhanced with precious essential oils of Cardamom, German Chamomile, Rose Geranium and Helichrysum for a gently penetrating muscle rub. Bloom's aroma is complexly floral and sweet with the subtle spice of cardamom.
Bloom Arnica Muscle Rub from Wild Rose
Bloom is designed to be well tolerated and gentle on sensitive skin. This means that the power of this balm is not necessarily felt on the skin, but deep in the muscles hours after application.
Arnica is traditionally used to ease internal inflammation, pain and bruising. It is best when applied immediately following an injury or to sore/strained muscles that are painful when used. Arnica is interesting because it increases circulation without the characteristic spice of other muscle rubs, like our cayenne-infused Gingermint Muscle Rub.
Arnica Flower from Wikipedia
Aside from chronic pain and injury, Bloom is an indispensable aid for post-workout muscle soreness as well. Even if you're simply feeling a bit stiff, a massage with Bloom is always relaxing!
We added a bit of Cardamom Essential oil to the formula to enhance the circulatory affects without a noticeable spice. Helichrysum, German Chamomile and Rose Geranium give the balm an irresistible soft floral scent and enhance Arnica's anti-inflammatory properties.
Whether you're looking to manage joint pain, relieve post-workout muscle aches, treat injuries or simply enjoy a floral massage, Bloom Gentle Arnica Muscle Rub is perfect addition to your home's medicine cabinet.

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