Product Spotlight: Yule Beard Oil Conditioner
Evergreens smell amazing. Particularly when they're fresh. So, one would think that an evergreen essential oil would smell exceptionally amazing. Unfortunately, many evergreen essential oils smell very different from their fresh form and are sometimes downright acrid. The difference is like the scent of a fresh cut tree verses the stench of old pine needles caught in the vacuum cleaner. How can something so good turn so bad?
This can be a huge dilemma for the aromatherapist. Can you capture the best of a plant's smell without having too much of a good thing? We set out to answer this question when formulating Yule - our popular Limited Edition Beard Oil blend.
Yule is the festive scent of an ancient conifer forest blended to pine perfection. We took the highest quality organic and wildcrafted evergreen essential oils to bring you the best, most balanced pine tree scent you will ever find. This blend of Spruce, Cedar, Juniper and Ho Wood is not too pungent or acidic, just mellow and refreshing like a live Christmas tree in your living room.
Beard Oil Sampler Christmas Wild Man
The joyous scent of Yule is suspended in a highly absorbent, moisturizing and lightweight grapeseed oil blend ideal for the daily maintenance of the skin and beard. This concentrated leave-in conditioner is designed to hydrate skin, soften facial hair and reduce itching/irritation. We know that Yule will be right under your nose, so we keep the scent mild without overwhelming the senses.
Yule can be found in full-size 50ml bottles and is also part of our Limited Edition Sampler Set. These special scents are only available from September-February, so grab a bottle while you can!

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