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From the Garden: March at the Wild Rose Homestead

Spring has arrived in Southern Oregon! Here's a few scenes from around the homestead over the past month.

This is our second full growing season on the property. The fruit tress we planted last year are looking marvelous - like this Asian Pear exploding in flowers! Maybe we'll get the first fruits this year?

We also planted two-year-old asparagus roots last year on the garden edges. We're starting...

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From the Garden: Recycling cardboard at Wild Rose

We go through a lot of boxes in a single holiday season! And while we have an amazing local recycling center, we try to reuse as much as possible right here on the homestead. Cardboard is an ideal first layer for our lasagna garden bedsthat we are establishing on the property. So, each box is saved, de-taped and used either as a weed-blocking base layer or as a seed starting tray in our gardens....

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The Summer Garden at Wild Rose

Summer is here in Southern Oregon and our permaculture gardens are exploding with fresh food and herbs! We grow all of our own Calendula and Yarrow in our annual veggie gardens because they are wonderful allies for our food crops. They attract beneficial insects, improve flavor and keep the soil healthy. 

This is a first year garden on our new homestead. We established this garden using the lasagna...

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From the Garden: Recycled Box Seedling Pots

We go through a lot of jars at Wild Rose, which means we go through a lot of jar boxes! Jar boxes are typically small with corrugated partitions to protect jars during shipping. These boxes aren't very useful for storage or garden mulch, so we've started using them for seedlings. We save all of our jar boxes through the busy Winter shopping season for our Spring seedlings, leaving the partitions...

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