Wild Rose Turns (Lucky) 13!
This March marks the 13 year anniversary of Wild Rose! We're celebrating with 20% off using code HAPPYHAPPY13 through March 8th!
We spent the past year growing into a new urban homestead space on Kalapuyan land in so-called Eugene, OR, and we're completing an ongoing shop build-out that we can’t wait to share! We’ve found much inspiration from the diverse bioregions found near our home, including from all of its rich plant, animal and human communities. This influence can be seen in the many product additions and design updates found across Wild Rose this past year.
Moonlight Dry Shampoo
One of the most exciting and much anticipated product additions we’ve had this year is our Botanical Dry Shampoo. Available in six scents, Dry Shampoo is proving to be an immediate best-seller. Packaged in a fully home-compostable paper shaker tube and formulated with nourishing and strengthening botanicals, our Dry Shampoo took several years to perfect and we’re loving the results!
Flora Gentle Bath Salts from Wild Rose
Among the six scents of Dry Shampoo, we introduced our newest scent, Flora. Soft violet, bright bergamot and earthy clary sage combine in this light and floral aroma reminiscent of early spring blooms. In addition to Dry Shampoo, Flora is found in our newest, ultra-gentle bath blend. Flora Bath combines mineral-rich epsom salts, nourishing organic oats and alkalinizing baking soda for super soft post-bath skin. Look for more offerings in the Flora scent coming later this year!
2023 Also saw the beginning of a product design revamp including new, home-compostable, durable paper labels. All new products have redesigned labels and we plan to complete the transition to 100% paper labels later this year.
Chili Mango Lip Plumping Balm
We started with redesigning our lip balm labels and adding a peppery new flavor: Chili Mango Lip Balm! This spicy, lip-plumping balm combines sweet mango butter and extract with a stimulating cayenne pepper infusion. Chili Mango feels spicier than the subtle tingle of our Spiced Chai, Gingerbread or Ginger Peach lip balms. 
Ash and Jakob of Wild Rose
Finally, the most exciting change that has happened this year is the addition of Jakob Sletteland to the Wild Rose team as Director of Research and Development! With over 10 years of clinical experience following completion of a Master of Science (MSc) in Herbal Medicine and qualification as a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) in 2014, he brings extensive hands-on expertise, a rich skill set in herbal formulationincluding a strong background in herbal safety, efficacy and quality controlas well as a solid ethics to Wild Rose. Ash and Jakob are thrilled to combine forces on Wild Rose as they anticipate the arrival of their first kiddo in early April of 2024! Wild Rose remains a family endeavor and we are so excited for this next chapter.
Help us celebrate 13 years of Wild Rose by saving 20% off your order using code HAPPYHAPPY13 through March 8th!

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