Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner - Trial Size Sampler Pack
Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner - Trial Size Sampler Pack Image of Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner - Trial Size Sampler Pack - Wild Rose Herbs - 1 Image of Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner - Trial Size Sampler Pack - Wild Rose Herbs - 2 Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner - Trial Size Sampler Pack
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Wild Man Beard Oil Conditioner - Trial Size Sampler Pack
Feel Rugged, Look Smooth
Try each handcrafted Wild Man Beard Conditioner scent in this trial size four-pack! These unique blends are formulated with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils suspended in hydrating grapeseed oil. You'll receive a 1 dram / 3.7 ml bottle of each formula, enough for 1-2 weeks of daily use per scent. Shipped in an unbleached cotton drawstring bag to keep your vials in order.
Wild Man Beard Conditioner is a highly absorbent, moisturizing and lightweight oil ideal for the daily maintenance of the skin and beard. This concentrated leave-in conditioner is designed to hydrate skin, soften facial hair and reduce itching/irritation. Formulated with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and botanical extracts in a variety of beard-friendly scents.

You will receive the following in 1 dram / 3.7 ml amber glass dropper vials:

The Original Wild Man Beard Conditioner:
Woodsy, slightly herbaceous and sweet, yet not overpowering.

Raven Wild Man Beard Conditioner:
Reminiscent of the damp and diverse forests found in the Pacific Northwest. It's earthy, woodsy and cool with a subtle spice that is hard to place.

Tundra Wild Man Beard Conditioner:
A cooling blend of Oregon-grown Peppermint and refreshing Lemon mellowed with exotic and warm Peru Balsam.

Cove Wild Man Beard Conditioner:
Sweet cold-pressed Lime toned down with grounding Sage and spiked with Tea Tree. Fresh, yet relaxing.

All Natural - GMO Free - Vegan - Cruelty Free
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Perfect for all skin and hair types, this oil mimics your skin's natural moisturizers, absorbs quickly, strengthens hair and leaves your beard with a subtle shine and soft feel. Our unique therapeutic grade essential oil blends naturally condition hair and act as an aromatherapy aid with a subtle, beard-appropriate scent.

Each Wild Rose product is ethically crafted from the finest natural ingredients available. We believe in full transparency and welcome all of your questions.


Massage a few drops into a dry beard to keep it growing thick, soft and clean. Moisturizes dry skin and softens rough hair. Applying to a dry beard maximizes absorption and softening power of this leave-in conditioning oil. Perfect for any form of facial hair from stubbly beard beginnings to knee-length face beast. Start with just 3-4 drops of Beard Conditioner and increase depending on beard length and skin type. For best results, wash and thoroughly dry the beard using Wild Man Beard Wash as needed, several times a week.
If you have very dry or flaky skin beneath the beard, be sure to massage down to the roots. Extremely dry beards will benefit from using Wild Man Beard Cream.

We do not recommend rubber bulb/dropper bottles for use with oil-based products. The rubber will begin to expand and break down in a matter of months, tainting the product with rubber particles. If you choose to store our Beard Conditioners in a rubber bulb dropper bottle, always empty the dropper before closing and store upright.

All Wild Rose products are extremely concentrated. With recommended use, this set will last 4-8 weeks or more. Offering pure, undiluted products not only saves you on shipping, but it also keeps excess waste and packaging out of the landfill.


Vitus vinifera (grapeseed) oil, tocopherol (non-gmo vitamin e), organic and wildcrafted essential oils (view individual listings for complete ingredients).


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For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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