Wild Man - Shaving Gift Set - with Gingermint Muscle Rub

Wild Man
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Wild Man Shaving Gift Set - with Gingermint Muscle Rub
Feel Rugged, Look Smooth
Need a gift for a shaven man? Give them a set of our Wild Man shaving necessities plus our popular Gingermint Muscle Rub.
You will receive the following:
Please view individual products for complete ingredients.
Our gift sets are packaged using attractive, recyclable paper padding for an eco-friendly aesthetic. If you would like this shipped directly to a gift recipient, please leave a note when checking out so that we may exchange the invoice for a personalized card if desired.
All Natural - GMO Free - Vegan - Cruelty Free
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Wild Man Clean Shave and After Shave are designed to work together for naturally soft and clear skin. Our unique therapeutic grade essential oil blends naturally cleanse and act as an aromatherapy aid with a subtle, refreshing scent. This set also includes our popular Gingermint Muscle Rub - an aromatic rub for sore, tired muscles. Each Wild Rose product is ethically crafted from the finest natural ingredients available. We believe in full transparency and welcome all of your questions.


Clean Shave is an all-natural, gentle and effective herbal face wash with a smooth lather for shaving. This highly concentrated liquid soap removes flaky skin and unclogs pores without over-drying the skin. Wild Man Clean Shave is very concentrated - use just a few drops to lather in wet hands before applying to the face. Massage and gently scrub the skin for deep cleaning. Rinse well and pat dry.

Wild Man After Shave is an all natural astringent infused with clarifying organic essential oils. Use after shaving to soothe skin and remove stubborn impurities. This highly concentrated formula tightens pores and eliminates excess oil without over-drying skin. Shake well, close eyes and spray lightly on the face after shaving/washing. May also be applied using a clean cotton ball.

Gingermint Muscle Rub - organic essential oils of peppermint and ginger give this salve its signature scent. Use sparingly and massage into skin for maximum benefits. Avoid mucous membranes and wash hands after use.

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All Wild Rose products are extremely concentrated. With recommended use, this set will last the average-sized beard 3-4 months or more. Offering pure, undiluted products not only saves you on shipping, but it also keeps excess waste and packaging out of the landfill.


You will receive the following:

Please view individual products for complete ingredients.

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For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
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