Introducing: Botanical Deodorants from Wild Rose!
We're thrilled to announce that we now offer botanical deodorants in your favorite scents! We've been working on this particular product for years to get the formula just right. Deodorant can be tricky, not only because it's applied to such a sensitive area, but it's also quite obvious when it's not working well. We're so happy with our formula: It contains a bit of baking soda, so it's not a good product for those with baking soda sensitivity, but it's totally natural, aluminum free and (most importantly) it works!
Botanical Deodorant
Our naturally effective blend of aluminum-free baking soda and cassava powder reduces odor and moisture without chemicals. Mixed in a smooth base of organic sunflower oil, mango seed butter and beeswax for a gentle under-arm balm that soothes skin and eliminates odor. Each scent is crafted from essential oils and organic botanical extracts for a natural fragrance that is not overpowering.
Meadow Botanical Deodorant
Along with the standard scents you know and love, we're thrilled to add a new scent to the mix: Meadow. If you've been with us awhile, you may remember our long-retired Meadow scent. Well, we've revamped this classic fragrance because it works so well as a deodorant. Meadow is a fresh, zesty blend of palmarosa and lemongrass with warm, mildly sweet undertones of ginger and coconut.
Biodegradable Deodorant Tube
Our deodorants are packaged in sturdy, biodegradable, push-up style paper tubes for convenient application that's easy on the earth. All Wild Rose labels are biodegradable as well. We're thrilled to offer a zero-waste packaging option for our deodorants.
We hope you love our new deodorants as much as we do. Grab a tube today and tell us what you think!


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