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Wild Rose's Four Year Anniversary and Sale!

Wild Rose is celebrating our fourth year in business this weekend! Use code SPRING2015 for 20% off your entire order through the 23rd! Thank you all for supporting our small business through another amazing year!

The momentum of our fourth year in business has allowed us to greatly expand our product lines to meet customer requests. Early in the year we released three new botanical lip tintsand...

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The Summer Garden at Wild Rose

Summer is here in Southern Oregon and our permaculture gardens are exploding with fresh food and herbs! We grow all of our own Calendula and Yarrow in our annual veggie gardens because they are wonderful allies for our food crops. They attract beneficial insects, improve flavor and keep the soil healthy. 

This is a first year garden on our new homestead. We established this garden using the lasagna...

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Product Spotlight: Gingermint Muscle Rub

Gingermint Muscle Rub

When I started making herbals salves and balms back in 2006, a Cayenne-based muscle rub was one of my first creations. While several ingredients have ultimately changed to improve consistency and effectiveness, the herbal backbone of Gingermint Muscle Rub has remained: Cayenne, Burdock and Gingko.

Cayenne is one of nature's most effective circulatory stimulants, making it a staple for an...

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Know Your Ingredients: Rosemary Extract

An herbal extract is only as good as the ingredients used - which is why we make our herbal extracts from scratch! We start with a locally-distilled Organic Cane Alcohol and use only organic herbs, often grown in our own permaculture gardens.

Our Rosemary Extract is made in this way - using the finest organic herbs and alcohol for an incredibly potent and powerful herbal extract. Rosemary Extract...

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