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Wild Rose 8 Year Anniversary + Sale!

Wild Rose 8 Year Anniversary + Sale!
We're thrilled to celebrate 8 years of Wild Rose! Use code HAPPYHAPPY8 at checkout for 25% off your entire order through March 6th!
It's hard to believe Wild Rose is already turning 8. Today we're feeling extremely grateful for our customers and for the opportunity to offer our products to the world. This past year we've seen the expansion of our Wild Man beard care line to include all products/scents and the elimination of plastic bottles. In our ninth year, we plan to work hard to further eliminate plastic packaging from our product lines and reveal a few new products we've been experimenting with. We'd like to thank you for joining us this far and hope you stick around for another year of Wild Rose!

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New Look - New Products!

New Look - New Products!
When I started Wild Rose over 6 years ago, I had no idea that it would grow to become a legit full-time endeavor. Honestly, the only reason I decided to sell my products online was because I was working long hours as a live-in caregiver and I couldn't take time off to work farmers markets and craft fairs. I took my favorite recipes at the time, made a quick water-color painting of a wild rose and started an Etsy shop.
The Original Wild RoseWild Rose Herbs
- The Difference Between 2011 and 2017 -
Over the years we've gone through plenty of changes, but I stubbornly kept that old rose. Admittedly, if I had known that Wild Rose would grow beyond a hobby, I would have spent more time on the logo back in 2011. This year, I finally decided to make the logo everything I wanted it to be. The rose is cleaner, more refined and more symmetrical. We hope you love the new look - and our brand-new products, as much as we do!
Wild Rose Botanical Salt Sprays
We've totally revamped our line of aromatherapy sprays, adding pure Pink Himalayan Salt to the mix! These new Botanical Salt Sprays produce negative ions, remineralize skin and texturize hair. Use as an air freshener, yoga mat spray or subtle hair & body perfume. We've discountinued a few old scents, but have added some new ones. We look forward to expanding this line!
Dusk Calming Bath Salts
NEW: Dusk - Calming Bath Salts + New Size!
We're so excited to share our newest scent: Dusk! Dusk is a dreamy, floral blend with earthy, sweet undertones. Made with organic Jasmine extract, traditionally known as “the night queen” for her soothing effect. Ideal for a centering time-out when feeling overwhelmed. Soak in Dusk just before bed to prepare for a restful, rejuvenating sleep.
Bath Salt Test Tube
In addition to the new soak, we are now offering all of our bath salts in sample-size glass test tubes! Each tube contains enough salts for one full-strength bath. Grab one tube for $7.95 or three for $19.95!
We can't wait to continue our rebranding throughout the year and add new, exciting products to the Wild Rose // Wild Man family. Thanks for being a part of our journey!

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SPRING CLEARANCE! Save up to 40%!

SPRING CLEARANCE! Save up to 40%!
We're making room for some exciting new products, so we've put a selection of items on sale while supplies last!
Clarity Purifying Facial Mask for acne-prone skin
All small jars of our botanical facial masks are 40% off as we're eliminating this size. But don't worry! We're keeping our mask sampler set.
Dusk Soothing Aromatherapy Spray
All Aromatherapy Spray are also 40% off as we make room for a brand new scent series. A few of your old favorites will stay the same, but we are eliminating some scents as well. If you're partial to one of these sprays, now is the time to stock up!
Windfall Beard Oil from Wild Man
It's time again to temporarily say goodbye to our Limited Edition beard oil scents. All of these scents will return in September, but take advantage of the low price now if there's one you simply can't live without.
Refresh Stimulating Skin Care Gift Set
And finally, we ended up with a few extra Refresh Stimulating Skin Care Gift Sets over the holidays so we've included them in the sale as well. Grab one of these sets for yourself or as a gift for just $12.00 while supplies last!

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Product Spotlight: Bloom Gentle Arnica Muscle Rub

Product Spotlight: Bloom Gentle Arnica Muscle Rub
Seasonal changes can be hard on your body. As we transition into Spring (or Fall in the Southern Hemisphere) our activity levels often change due to new workout habits, extra physical labor around the yard and home or simply nicer weather to enjoy the outdoors. Combined with erratic weather patterns, body aches and pains can seem to come out of nowhere. Our favorite remedy for relieving muscle and joint pain is Arnica in the form of our Bloom Gentle Muscle Rub.
Bloom combines potent Arnica and soothing Rose infused in hydrating Organic Coconut Oil and Pacific Northwest Beeswax for maximum absorption. Enhanced with precious essential oils of Cardamom, German Chamomile, Rose Geranium and Helichrysum for a gently penetrating muscle rub. Bloom's aroma is complexly floral and sweet with the subtle spice of cardamom.
Bloom Arnica Muscle Rub from Wild Rose
Bloom is designed to be well tolerated and gentle on sensitive skin. This means that the power of this balm is not necessarily felt on the skin, but deep in the muscles hours after application.
Arnica is traditionally used to ease internal inflammation, pain and bruising. It is best when applied immediately following an injury or to sore/strained muscles that are painful when used. Arnica is interesting because it increases circulation without the characteristic spice of other muscle rubs, like our cayenne-infused Gingermint Muscle Rub.
Arnica Flower from Wikipedia
Aside from chronic pain and injury, Bloom is an indispensable aid for post-workout muscle soreness as well. Even if you're simply feeling a bit stiff, a massage with Bloom is always relaxing!
We added a bit of Cardamom Essential oil to the formula to enhance the circulatory affects without a noticeable spice. Helichrysum, German Chamomile and Rose Geranium give the balm an irresistible soft floral scent and enhance Arnica's anti-inflammatory properties.
Whether you're looking to manage joint pain, relieve post-workout muscle aches, treat injuries or simply enjoy a floral massage, Bloom Gentle Arnica Muscle Rub is perfect addition to your home's medicine cabinet.

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How Facial Masks Can Revolutionize Your Natural Skincare Routine

How Facial Masks Can Revolutionize Your Natural Skincare Routine
Following a regular skincare routine is important for maintaining healthy, balanced skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are all vital components to daily skincare, but sometimes your skin needs a little extra, intermittent care to really glow. What's our secret weapon for better natural skincare? Facial masks!
Facial masks serve many purposes depending on the specific formula, but in general they are used for deep cleansing/detoxing, exfoliating and nourishing skin. Deep cleansing masks can help control and prevent those random breakouts or irritations caused by dirt, chemicals and oils that your regular cleanser might miss. Most masks are applied wet and allowed to dry. This drying action pulls out impurities from deep in the skin. Once dry, the mask is gently washed off, taking the impurities with it.
Refresh Facial Mask from Wild Rose
Masks made with nourishing ingredients will also transfer these benefits into your skin as they dry. Clay masks are especially beneficial for both cleansing and nourishing - clays are high in minerals to feed the skin while also acting as a magnet for dirt and toxins. The addition of specific herbs and minerals to the clay can really tailor the mask to your specific skin type and skincare goals.
Exfoliating masks include grainy ingredients to help scrub away dead skin and surface dirt. Our favorite natural exfoliants are ground herbs like flower petals, roots and leaves as they also help nourish and cleanse the skin.
Most skin types will benefit from a mask treatment once a week depending on the type of mask. Dry or sensitive skins will need to use a gentle mask if applying weekly, or switch to bi-monthly. Wild Rose has three clay-based masks suited for a variety of skin types.
Attunement Mask Natural Clay from Wild Rose
Attunement Balancing Mask for nourishing and balancing skin tone: This restorative mask combines mineral-rich Rhassoul Clay with gently exfoliating Rose Petals for a blissful spa experience. Enhanced with organic essential oils of Carrot, Rose Geranium, Pacific Northwest Lavender, Lemongrass and Helichrysum to restore and heal skin. Recommended for dry to normal sensitive and mature skin types.
Clarity Mask Natural Clay from Wild Rose
Clarity Purifying Mask for deep cleaning & preventing breakouts: This gently purifying mask combines detoxifying French Yellow Clay with exfoliating Witch Hazel Bark. Enhanced with organic essential oils of Tea Tree, Pacific Northwest Lavender, Lemon Peel, Carrot Seed and German Chamomile to cleanse bacteria and calm irritation and redness. Especially recommended for oily, sensitive and combination blemish-prone skin.
Refresh Mask Natural Clay from Wild Rose
Refresh Stimulating Mask for brightening & revitalizing dull skin: A rejuvenating blend of toxin-drawing French Green clay, stimulating Gunpowder Green Tea and gently exfoliating organic Jasmine Petals. Enhanced with organic essential oils of Peppermint, Lemon, Pacific Northwest Lavender and Carrot to invigorate and nourish skin. Recommended for tired, dull skin of all types. Not recommended for sensitive skin.
Many natural masks, including ours, come in a dry powder form that you mix at home. This eliminates the need for chemical preservatives and gives you more control over the consistency and feel of the mask. We recommend mixing in a 1:1 ratio of clay to water. This gives you a rather thin mask that will still allow your skin to breathe as the mask dries. If you prefer a thick, muddy mask, try adding less water.
Facial Mask Sampler Set
Not sure which to try? We put together this sweet little mask sampler set with all three masks - Attunement, Clarity and Refresh.
If you're looking to boost your skincare routine, try adding a natural mask to deep clean, revitalize and exfoliate your skin. Everyone needs special treatment sometimes, and your skin will thank you for the extra attention.

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