March Special - 20% Off Tattoo Aftercare!
For the entire month of March, take 20% off our full line of natural tattoo aftercare - just in time for those tax return-funded tattoos!
Ink Spray from Wild Rose
Wild Rose's tattoo aftercare line include Ink Spray and Ink Balm. We like to use Ink Spray after washing for the first 1-3 days of healing. This witch hazel-based formula includes soothing lavender, cooling peppermint and precious essential oils of German chamomile and helichrysum to reduce swelling and speed the healing process. Ink Spray is finished with calendula extract made from our garden-grown calendula. Ink Spray will reduce fluid/plasma excretion during the first few days of healing and you can continue using it to relieve itching throughout the healing process.
Ink Balm Natural Tattoo Aftercare
We like to use Ink Balm as soon as the skin heals over and is no longer excreting fluid, usually around day 2 of healing. It's best to start moisturizing your tattoo before it dries out too much to reduce skin damage. After washing your tattoo, dry with paper towels and spray lightly with Ink Spray and allow to air dry. Then apply a thin layer of Ink Balm with freshly washed hands. Apply thin layers as needed to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. Applying too much Ink Balm can reduce airflow and slow healing time, so we suggest applying less Ink Balm more frequently as you heal.
Vegan Tattoo Aftercare
We also offer a beeswax-free, vegan version of our Ink Balm. Vegan Ink Balm has been recently reformulated with hexane-free sunflower wax to reduce strain on plant populations used to source candelilla wax. We're thrilled with the consistency of the new formula and are happy to offer this vegan alternative.
All tattoo aftercare products are automatically discounted through the end of the month. Please note that this sale cannot be combined with other discount codes and is not valid on wholesale orders.

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